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Sugah Bear (Sam Bungert) writes his own songs and sings/records them in his basement. He learned how to play the guitar when he was 10 but didn’t really learn how to read music until he was in college. Through his passion for guitar, Sam began singing in his middle-school’s choir and performing at talent shows. In high school, Sam went through a period where he stopped learning new songs to cover and he felt like a broken record. He struggled with depression and identity issues that left him paralyzed for awhile. A couple months before his 18th birthday, Sam realized he was transgender (Female-to-Male) and since then decided to dedicate his life to music. Sam graduated from Elmhurst College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition. His experiences and disciplined study at Elmhurst gave Sam the confidence to start writing his own music. Sam’s main influences are Dance Gavin Dance, Queens of the Stone Age, Placebo, Nevershoutnever, and Weezer. His mission is to share his ideas with a greater audience in hopes that his music will be relatable and real to most people.



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