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And Kilgore Trout said at the clambake, with Laurel and Hardy in a rowboat only fifty yards offshore, that young people liked movies with a lot of shooting because they showed that dying didn't hurt at all, that people with guns could be thought of as "free-lance anesthetists." -Timequake, Kurt  Vonnegut

Freelance Anesthetists is a conglomeration of musicians contributing to make tunes by Carl Johnson a recorded reality.  You may not know Carl from any number of bands (Lorax, I Think Everything I Say, Fools on the Hill, Oil Fields, Last Year's Winners... to name a few).  A blend of immediately personal lyrics is hidden beneath layers of overdrive, delay soaked guitars, and drums courtesy of his brother Kurt Johnson. Carl's smoke and whiskey tinged vocals are augmented by the pristine tones of Jody Dawaliby and Jackie Flanagan.  Their first single "Inbound Train" was released December 2017, with the full length "Any Resemblance" to follow some day soon.


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